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How to Import a Pesticide

Every person who is desirous of importing a pesticide into the Island shall first apply for an Import Licence on application Form 4. Each application must be completed in duplicate. The procedure for importation is outlined below.

The application fee for an import licence is the amount equivalent to 2.0 per cent of the value (cost, insurance and freight) of that pesticide.

Generally, only pesticides that are registered are considered for importation. However, for pesticides being imported for experimental purposes, the information required to accompany the application form is:

1. A copy of the actual label of the product to be imported

2. A material safety data Sheet (MSDS) for the product

3. A protocol (methodology) for the trial to be undertaken. Information to be provided in the protocol include:

  • Location of where the trial will be conducted
  • If agricultural, the area (hectares) to be covered
  • The pest to be controlled
  • The rate of application
  • The duration of the trial
  • The name of the person(s) undertaking the trial

All results of trials must be reported to the Pesticides Control Authority upon completion.

Consideration is also given to import applications for unregistered pesticides if an emergency of national proportion exists. A letter outlining the nature of the emergency, with authentication from the relevant Government agency involved must accompany such requests for importation. The PCA reserves the right to deny any such request.


Application Form 4 to be completed by Registrant
To be completed in duplicate
PCA stamps application with authorization to proceed process
Only completed applications will be accepted.
Incomplete documents
returned to registrant
Applicant orders and ships pesticide to Jamaica

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