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Procedure to obtain a License to sell Restricted Pesticides

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1. A person desirous of selling a restricted pesticide shall make an application to the Pesticides Control Authority by completing application Form 7 (Section 5 of Form 7must be completed after inspection). (Go to Step 2)


Where a person sells restricted pesticides and is identified by the surveillance programme of the PCA, an immediate inspection must be undertaken. (Go to Step 3)

2. The PCA on receipt of the application will carry out an inspection of the premises.

3. Sellers will be advised on the requirements for the safe use, handling and sale of restricted pesticides.

4. After the inspection the PCA will indicate in writing whether all the requirements have been met.

5. If all the requirements are met applicant must make payment of $7,000.00 to the PCA. The Licence is valid for three (3) years. Cheques must be made payable to Pesticides Control Authority

6. Upon being granted a licence, the applicant is required to maintain a register on the sale of restricted pesticides with the following information:

Name of Purchaser
Pest Control Applicator Id. No.
Telephone Number
Name of Chemical
The purpose for which the chemical will be used
Quantity Purchased
Signature of Purchaser

For more information contact:

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Fax: (876) 967-1285

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