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How to Register Pesticides with Normal Requirements
How to Register Pesticides with less Stringent Requirements
Requirements for Re-registration of Pesticides
Procedure for the Registration of a Limited Use Pesticide
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Application Form for Limited Use Pesticide to be completed by Registrant
Applicant should be a Jamaican National or a company registered in Jamaica.
Application submitted to Registrar`s office and checked for completion
Only completed applications will be accepted.
Incomplete documents
returned to registrant
Upon acceptance of application, a fee of $1,000 is to be paid to the Ministry of Health cashier on the ground floor of the Oceana Complex.
Only cash or manager`s cheques will be accepted. Cheques should be made payable to P.C.A. Reciept of payment to be returned to the Registrar`s office.
Applications assessed by resource persons
Recommendations made to P.C.A.
Decision on the application made by P.C.A.
Applicant advised if
registration is denied
Registrant informed on conditions of registration
Registration approved fo a five-year period.

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