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Welcome to the website of the Pesticides Control Authority (PCA). The agency takes very seriously its mandate to regulate pesticides to protect health and the environment. This website is designed to make available as much information as possible for the pesticide industry, persons with an interest in pest control and the general public. There is something for everyone. Make use of the “search” facility – it can quickly find anything on the website, for example, pesticide poisoning symptoms and poison prevention. Other features are the section “Frequently Asked Questions” and the links to the Pesticide Control Boards of other CARICOM countries. Soon, import licence applications for registered pesticides can be submitted and processed online through the website. We would value your feedback and suggestions on how to improve the website. Please take the time to contact us - click on the “contact us” button at the top of any of the WebPages. 
Finally, I want to remind everyone to always utilise integrated pest control, with pesticides being the last resort. Always practice pesticide safety - read the label of a pesticide container before using, wear appropriate protective gear when applying pesticides (based on the label), and store pesticides in the original manufacturer’s container, securely locked away particularly from children.


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