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1.      Does the Pesticides Control Authority (PCA) do pest control work?


The PCA is the regulatory agency for the pesticide industry and Pest Control Operators. Therefore, the PCA does not perform pest control treatment jobs.


2.      Can PCA recommend a good Pest Control Operator/Applicator?


As the regulator, the PCA cannot recommend any particular Pest Control business. You can view the PCA website for a list of all the licensed/certified pest control businesses/applicators in Jamaica that you can choose from.


3.      What is the first step in becoming a certified pest control applicator?


You must first pass an exam which is in 2 parts: a) written b) practical exam. Exams are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the first month of every quarter (January, April, July and October).  The exam fee is $1500.00.  Once you pass both written and practical exam, you can apply for your applicator certificate.  Check out the website for more information.


4.      Would the PCA help to prepare persons for working in the pesticide industry and/or to sit exam?


It is customary for the PCA to conduct Pre-Exam Worshops before the scheduled exam. These are normally held at least 1 or 2 weeks before the exam.  The knowledge shared at the workshop will both help persons to work in the industry.


Contact us at or 967-1281 to register for the workshop and/or exam.


5.      Is it true that all Pest Control Applicators are certified to carry out all aspects of pest control work?


NO!! Their PCA certificates & ID card will clearly indicate the area of pest control work they are certified and licensed to do.


6.      The certificate for Pest Control Applicators state that they are certified to do Household Pest Control.  Does this mean the applicator cannot do commercial pest control work in other places, for example, in a restaurant?


This category of certification also covers commercial premises and other buildings such as hotels, medical and educational facilities.


7.     A Pest Control Applicator did a treatment job for me, but the pest problem still exists.  How can I get a redress?


Where the public has a complaint against a certified applicator, the PCA encourages the public to inform the PCA in a signed written statement so that we can investigate the matter.


8.      I am having termite problem at home.  Where can I get termite treatment chemical to buy?


Chemicals used to treat termite are very dangerous and can only be used by Certified Pest Control Operators/Applicators.  You will need to hire a certified applicator/operator to treat the pest.


9.      Can I use Gramoxone and Round up together to kill weeds faster?


You will need to contact the Rural Agricultural Development Authority for advice.


10.  What is the best way to control cockroaches?


The best way to control cockroaches is to practice good sanitation and you may also use a roach killing gel.

11.  I want to purchase some pesticides overseas and take back to Jamaica. Is it O.K. to just go ahead and buy them like that?


NO!! All pesticides to be used in Jamaica must be registered with the PCA and an import permit issued for each shipment.  It is important to first check if the pesticide you want to take back to Jamaica is registered then you can apply for an import permit and get approval to import it before you purchase it.


Importation of an unregistered pesticide and without an import licence/permit is a breach of the pesticides regulation and there are sanctions for this illegal act.


12.  Do I need an import permit to import small pesticide samples?


YES!! All pesticides products to be imported, regardless of the quantity, must be approved for importation by the PCA. Check out our website for the requirements/procedures to import samples.


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