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The Pest Control Operator Programme has two components:

1.     Pest Control Applicator Certification

2.     Pest Control Operator (Business) Licence


Anyone wishing to be certified as a Pest Control Applicator must successfully complete the Pest Control Applicator Examination. This examination has two parts: written and practical.

Written Exam

  • Persons must pass each of the three sections.
  • The written exams can be sat in Kingston or in Montego Bay at the offices of the Pesticides Control Authority.
  • Written examinations are on the second Tuesday of January, April, July and October each year.
  • Persons are encouraged to buy a Household Pest Control Manual to help them prepare for the examination, and importantly, to provide information for them to work in the industry.  
  • Persons are also encouraged to participate in a Pre-Exam Workshop which is held one or two weeks prior to the written exam.

Practical Exam

  • Candidates who have been successful in the written examination must make arrangements with the PCA for the conduct of the practical examination.
  • Practical exams must be done within six months after the written exam.  Failure to do so will require a resit of the written exam.
  • Candidates must arrange for a venue and time and then contact the PCA to make confirm if this is suitable.
  • Candidates are responsible for providing all pesticides, equipment and protective gears

Certification - Pest Control Applicator

  • Successful candidates at the practical must apply for a Pest Control Applicator Certificate
  • Persons should complete Form 11 to apply for certification. Form 11 is available on the website
  • Form 11 must be submitted with the fee (see below) and a passport size photograph
  • The application will be considered at the next PCA Board Meeting
  • A certificate is valid for 3 years


All pest control businesses need to have a PCA Licence to operate.

  • Licences are issued to operators/owners after:
    • inspection and approval of their facilities to store pesticides
    • submitting evidence of public liability insurance.
  • Persons should complete Form 9 (available on the website) to apply for certification.
  • Form 9 must be submitted with the fee (see below) and a passport size photograph
  • The application will be considered at the next PCA Board Meeting
  • A licence is valid for 3 years.
  • A licence by itself does not permit the business owner to apply pesticides.  
  • In order to apply pesticide, the owner must have Pest Control Applicator Certification or employ a certified applicator


Application of pesticides at a premises requires the presence of a certified Pest Control Applicator.  While the work can be done by uncertified persons, they must be supervised by a certified applicator.

Supervision of pesticide application implies that the certified person is always in sight of the applicator and supervises all aspects of the work. He or she will therefore be held responsible for any misuse of the pesticides by the person being supervised. The certified applicator shall be responsible for giving appropriate written and verbal instructions to all persons working under their supervision in relation to, but not limited to the following:

  • selection and use of appropriate pesticide including precautions to be taken, formulation, dilution, dosages

The Pest Control Operator/Applicator is responsible for record keeping of the jobs.


  • Exam Fee: $5500 (for written  ). Payable at 1 week before the exam
  • Practical Exam: $ 4500 payable before exam.
  • Pre-exam Workshop - contact the PCA Head Office in Kingston for the cost $3500
  • Household Pest Control Manual - $ 2500
  • Applicator Certification - $4000 (for 3 years)
  • Business Licence - $7500 (for 3 years)


Certification is possible for Private Applicators.  Private Applicators are those who apply pesticides on their private property only and not for financial reward.

Persons who are interested in this certification must contact the PCA as this is highly restricted.



Certification for some other categories are currently available.  Persons who are interested in other categories must contact the PCA.


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